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How to determine whether an online program uses persistent cookies.

On the first page of this web site I mention online programs that use persistent cookies to track referrals. You can use Mozilla Firefox or Netscape to determine whether an online program uses persistent cookies to track referrals. You can have Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape browsers installed on your computer at the same time. But you can only have one of them as your default browser. I'd recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your default browser. When you open one of the other browsers you will be asked if you want to make it your default browser. Choose No if you don't want to it as your default browser.

To check a program to see if it uses persistent cookies paste the affiliate URL in either the Moxizlla Firefox or Netscape address bar and click enter on your keyboard to load the affiliate site. Both browsers work basically the same. From Tools at the top click Options and choose the Privacy tab. In Firefox choose the Cookies tab or in Netscape click the + sign beside cookies. Click View Cookies then when the Cookies window comes up click Remove All Cookies. When the cookies have been removed close the Cookie window and click OK to close the Options window.

Now reload the affiliate site by clicking the reload button at the top of your browser. Once the affiliate site has reloaded follow the same steps above to open the Cookie window. If there are no cookies in the Cookie window then that affiliate program does not use persistent cookies to track referrals.

Notes: This will not work with the corporate site of a program because the corporate sites may not use persistent cookies even though the affiliate sites for that program uses them. If there were cookies found for a particular affiliate program it will have to be determined whether the cookies track from the first affiliate site a person looks at or the last. As mentioned in the Why Most Fail report on page one, some online programs are tracking the IP address of the person from the first affiliate web site they look at. These types of programs may not show any cookies but a person will be tracked from the first affiliate site that they looked at even if they had no intention of joining that program at that time. If the person joins 6 months or even two years later (with some programs) from someone else's affiliate site, the person that owns the first affiliate site that was looked at will get credit for the sale. Not good. That is why it is vital that there is communication with the person that referred you. If you can't get credit for your referrals then there is not much sense in advertising that program.

If you use traffic exchanges and are using Mozilla Firefox as your default browser you may want to avoid getting the plug-ins. You won't be able to view macromedia flash on some web sites but it will make your surfing with the traffic exchanges much smother. Then you can use Netscape if you want to view the macromedia flash on certain web sites.

About 123Clicks and other traffic exchange programs.

The people that use traffic exchange programs are a good source for new prospects. For them to click to view other peoples web sites so their web site is shown they are probably not making a living online yet. That's why they should be good prospects.

If you go to the 123Clicks Traffic Builders section you will find some additional traffic exchange programs. If you click on the links for these traffic exchange programs your sponsor's affiliate links will open in a new browser window. If you join these programs, put your account ID in the space provided and click Save ID your affiliate links will show on any member's site that you introduce to 123Clicks. And you will receive a percentage of the credits when your referrals click for views. You may want to use a pop-up stopper when you click for views. If you scroll down the Traffic Builders page you'll find a link to a free pop-up stopper. Or better yet, Mozilla Firefox has it's own built in pop-up stopper that you can turn off if you want.

You can surf multiple traffic exchanges at a time with the tabs feature of a Mozilla Firefox browser, saving yourself a lot of time. Groups of 5 to 8 surfed at the same time should be manageable. To open tabs click File - New Tab. To save some more time, if you bookmark your surf links (not affiliate links) and put them in a folder you can open them all together each in a seperate tab just by clicking Open In Tabs. You might want to put the traffic exchanges with a 15 second timer in one folder, the ones with a 20 second timer in another and the ones with a 30 second timer in a different folder.

If you use the startpage exchange programs a lot it will add cookies, temps and temporary internet files to your computer because you are looking at a lot of web sites. So if you have been clicking for views you should follow the steps on page 4 of this web site to clear your computer of the added cookies, temps and temporary internet files periodically. These steps will only take a couple minutes once you've done it once or twice.

Explaining forced matrix compensation plans.

A 3 x 9 forced matrix only allows 3 people on your first level. If you refer more than three then the 4th, 5th and so on will spill over to your second level. So you would be helping the three people on your first level when you refer more than three as well as yourself. Spill over can also come from your upline levels. So basically your personal 3 x 9 forced matrix can be filled by your advertising efforts plus the efforts of your upline and your downline.

The levels would look like this with the Empowerism 3 x 9 forced matrix
3 members on your 1st level.
9 members on your 2nd level.
27 members on your 3rd level.
81 members on your 4th level.
243 members on your 5th level.
729 members on your 6th level.
2187 members on your 7th level.
6561 members on your 8th level.
19683 members on your 9th level.

Can you see how the monthly commissions could grow to be considerable? These are good compensation plans as long as the referral tracking works the way it is suppose to. These are the types of compensation plans that make millionaires. The idea of a 3 x 9 compensation plan is that each member only needs to refer 3 new members. With Empowerism we can also purchase multiple accounts with our profits.

It takes too long to read e-mail and web sites.
How can I avoid this?

I use a very handy program called Text Aloud. It reads the text to you. To use it, you simply copy the text you want to read and paste it into Text Aloud and click Speak. You then hear the text you pasted through your computer speakers. I find this saves a lot of time. It also saves on the eyes too because you are not focusing on your computer screen all the time. You can use it to read your e-mail and most web sites. I use it every day. Text Aloud does not use spyware.

To hear what the voices sound like and to see the new version features watch this Demo.

You can buy it here for 29.95 USD Text Aloud

Or download a free trial.

There may be changes to this web site periodically so check back once in a while.

There are a lot more tips and tricks at the Earn Cash - Make Money Online forum.

All the best
Mike MacDonell

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