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Hi, I feel this may be one of the most important reports you will ever read if you are trying to make a living online. A friend and myself have stumbled upon THE reason why most fail. A couple of years ago I read a CIA public white paper that claimed that there was over a 90% failure rate with online programs. This is why I wrote this report.

When someone joins or buys something from your online affiliate web site you get credit for it, right? Wrong! Not most of the time with some online programs.

A lot of online programs still use a referral tracking system called persistent cookies. If a person joined an online program from your affiliate site that uses cookies that tracks from the first affiliate web site a person looks at and if they had looked at that program's website from someone else's affiliate site before they looked at yours, you will not get credit for referring that person, unless the cookie had expired. So it doesn't matter how you advertise this type of affiliate website online, there is a real good chance you are advertising for someone else. That someone else could be one of the first members that joined that program that could afford to advertise his or her affiliate site a lot, or it could be spammers or even the program owner. It will be someone that has started advertising that online affiliate program just after it started.

If you have just looked at a program's affiliate web site that uses cookies to track the referrals, you are tracked with a cookie. If that cookie tracks from the first affiliate web site you look at, then when you join that program you are not joining that program from the member's page that you are looking at but from the first member's page that you looked at. All it takes is for you to look at an affiliate web site or possibly even a banner for that particular program and you are tracked. You could have seen that affiliate site while surfing with a traffic exchange or from a pop-up with no intention of joining that online program at that time but you would still be tracked with the cookie. Some people are saying that if you clear your cookies from your computer periodically then it will solve this problem. But it doesn't all the time.

Don't believe me? Well here is a quote that I received in reply to a question I asked the management of one of the online programs that I used to be a member of. "The second problem is that we have a cookie setup on our website so that the first website that the member views will determine who he or she is recruited by." And like I have said, a lot of online programs still use a persistent cookie tracking system, whether they are multi level marketing, direct sales or whatever.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand why the owner of an online program would want to compensate the original members that advertised his or her program to start with. Some online programs use a persistent cookie tracking system where the cookie tracks from the first affiliate web site a person looks at for just 30 days. But others track for five, ten or even twenty years into the future. So the original member of one of these online program could advertise that company as much as he or she could for the first couple of months to get his or her cookie on as many computers as possible, then sit back and tell the new members to keep advertising. All the while as the new members are advertising the original members are getting credit for the members that the new members sponsor. So the new members could be paying to advertise their affiliate site but the credit for the people they sponsor could be going to the original members. This is not a fair system at all especially when the cookie tracks for five, ten or twenty years.

The reason why you get credit for one member here and one member there is because these members have not looked at an affiliate website for that particular online program before they looked at yours. But most people do not join an online program the first time they see it. I've heard most people look at an online program seven or more times before they join. But then again that could be a myth that was started by program owners that use a persistent cookie tracking system.

Can you understand now why most downline clubs do not work? This is also the main reason why there have been so many online programs with good products that have gone out of business in the past few years. If it is not duplicatable then members will stop advertising and drop out. Personally I do not think that a lot of the online program owners are aware of this themselves. Well maybe, maybe not. But guaranteed, the programmer that designed the referral tracking system would be aware of it.

Now you can take this information as positive or negative. Like I mentioned, a friend and myself have stumbled upon THE reason why most fail with online programs.

I used to be a member of one of those online programs that have multiple income streams, where you advertise one website and build a downline in multiple online programs, a downline club. My affiliate links to all the programs showed on my downline member's site until they join and saved their links to their site. What one of my first level members and myself discovered is he didn't end up in my downline with most of the programs, even though he joined the programs from my affiliate links.

While I was talking to him on Yahoo Messenger he went through the process of re-joining the programs from my affiliate links, from his downline club site. But he still wasn't ending up in my downline with these programs. So instead of joining from his downline club site he tried to join directly from my affiliate links. But he still didn't end up in my downline in these programs. So after a lot of frustration, I asked him to clear his cookies before joining the last online program he was willing to try. He did and viola. He had to open my affiliate web site before he cleared his cookies then join the program. So he went back to all the programs, did the same and ended up in my downline in all of them.

The trick was that he had the affiliate web site opened when he cleared the cookies. This needed to be done for each affiliate program he joined. Now I am not suggesting that you join all affiliate web sites like this. This might not work with some programs. It's best to be in contact with your sponsor.

Alternatively you can just join online programs that do not use persistent cookies to track referrals. There are some online companies that do not use cookies to track referrals. But you have to know which ones they are. There is a way to determine if an online program uses persistent cookies to track referrals. This is explained on the Tips and Tricks page.

There are some online programs that use persistent cookies but the cookie tracks from the last affiliate web site a person looks at instead of the first one. To find out whether a company tracks from the last affiliate web site a person looks at or the first you could use a buddy system. Have a friend look at someone else's affiliate site from their computer then have them join from your affiliate site. If you received credit for your friend joining then the cookie tracks from the last affiliate web site a person looks at. If there is communication between the sponsor and the referral then you will realize what programs you can receive credit for when advertised online.

As far as I am concerned, the number one reason why most fail online is because of online programs that use persistent cookies that track from the first affiliate web site a person looks at. You might want to avoid these types of programs unless it offers something that you cannot find elsewhere.

Lately some programs are tracking the IP address of the person from the first affiliate web site that they look at. If that person joins from someone else's affiliate web site at a later date the person that owned the first affiliate web site gets credit because the IP address was tracked. These types of online programs may or may not use persistent cookies but the owner of the first affiliate web site that a person looks at would get credit for the referral, whether that person first looked at the affiliate web site from a pop-up or traffic exchange with no intention of joining at that time.

You need to make sure you can get credit for your referrals with the programs that you are advertising. So it is vital that there is communication between the sponsor and the referral. If you cannot receive credit for your referrals then there is no sense staying with that program unless it offers something that you cannot find elsewhere.

Here's some other ways that you may not be receiving credit for your referrals. Some online programs use browser sessions to track referrals. If you looked at an affiliate site that uses browser sessions to track referrals earlier within that day, before closing your browser, then tried to join the same program from a friend's affiliate site the person that owns the first affiliate site you looked at would receive credit for you joining. Your friend would loose out even if you just looked at the first affiliate site on a traffic exchange without realizing it. For your friend to receive credit you'd have to close your browser first before joining. Some of these types show the affiliate's name on the site. There is really not much sense in advertising these types of programs unless you have your own web site so you can ask your prospects to close and re-open their browser if your name or ID number is not showing on the affiliate site.

Here's another. Some web sites have links on them to get a free affiliate site to advertise that program. So that same link would also be on your affiliate site. With some affiliate sites, if your prospect signs up for the free affiliate site from your site and then in the future decides to buy the product that's offered from their own affiliate web site, the company could get credit for the sale and you could loose out on the sale that you introduced. Don't hesitate to ask the program owner how this works with their affiliate sites. You may want to come back to the original affiliate's web site you that joined from to purchase.

Also there are some web sites that if you open the affiliate's web site, go from the front page to other pages and then decide to place an order, you are taken to either the corporate order page or another member's order page. To avoid this you could note that affiliate's ID number or name, if it shows on the front page or the address bar, then check to see if you can find it when you go to the order page. If it shows the corporate order page or a different member's order page and you still want to join the program you could click home with your browser, open the affiliate's web site again and go to the order page from the front page without looking at any of the other pages. You may have to clear your cookies too.

Then there are some affiliate web sites that have pop up advertising either before or after you look at the affiliate's front page, that offer a free course or something. When you order the free course, links to the corporate home page are in the free course and the affiliate looses out on the sale. You may want to come back to the original affiliate's web site and sign up from there.

And then there are online programs that start out good, with the referral tracking working properly the way it should. But when there are a good amount of members the program owner changes or adds something that you could lose credit for your referrals. This could be another web page that was added to all the original affiliate sites that could have other programs that the original program owner expects all his members to join, virtually turning the original program into a downline club. You could possibly lose your prospects to the original program and they could go to the owner of one of the programs that were added, especially if that added program is free to join. Or even lose your prospects possibly to the original program owner depending on the type of programs that were added. A way to avoid this is to keep the communication opened between the sponsors and the referrals.

I feel if an affiliate is advertising an online program, that affiliate should get the credit if someone buys something or joins from their affiliate web site. Keep in mind they may be paying good money to advertise it. I'd prefer to join only online programs that use static affiliate sites instead of dynamic affiliate sites but there are not many program owners that use static affiliate sites.

You may want to contact your sponsor with the online programs you join to see if he or she received credit for you joining from their affiliate web site. You could also contact your upline when you upgrade, if there is an upgrade option. I'm sure they would appreciate it. In fact, the best way for you to determine if you will get credit for the members you sponsor with an online program is to keep in contact with your upline. If your upline received credit when you joined from his or her affiliate site then there is a better chance you will too.

If you share this information with your prospects before they join your affiliate web sites you should be able to make an income from a variety of online programs. I wish I had have known this when I started internet marketing in 1996. I felt like I had been treated like a slave after realizing some one else was receiving credit for the online programs I had been advertising. Imagine putting your affiliate web site in front of over two million people and not getting one sign up while during the same week the corporate web site got over one thousand sign ups.

There have been a few good programs run by honest owners that have shown up online in the last couple of years. There are a couple of suggestions on the Solution page. Or you may want to just join online programs from a forum. That way there can be communication between the sponsors and referrals, where e-mail communication could fail because of the excessive spam filters. We have a couple of inexpensive online programs at the Earn Cash - Make Money Online forum.

All the best
Michael MacDonell

This page was last edited on December 19, 2007

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