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Online computer security is the most important issue while on the internet. Some Internet Service Providers offer their customers a free online security package these days. If your ISP does not offer an online security package you can use some of the utilities on this page. Most of them are free.

Most people realize that they should be using an anti-virus program. Norton is still the most popular anti-virus utility online but there are other good ones you can use. Don't have more than one anti-virus utility downloaded to your computer at a time; they will probably conflict with each other. You should keep your anti-virus software set at automatic live update to keep your virus definitions current. It's best to scan for viruses about once a week.

I've read that over eighty percent of computers online are infected with some form of spyware. Some online programs use spyware files to track your online viewing. It's none of their business. You can stop some spyware from infecting your computer with a free version of SpywareBlaster. It sits on your computer without you having to do anything except update the spyware definitions periodically.

But SpywareBlaster won't catch all spyware. For the spyware that gets through you can get a free version of SpyBot. Ad-aware is another free software that will clear spyware from your computer. SpyBot and Ad-aware seem like the same type of program but Ad-aware will find some spyware that SpyBot doesn't and SpyBot will find some spyware that Ad-aware doesn't. SpyBot and Ad-aware will not conflict with each other as long as you purge the recovery after running SpyBot Search and Destroy. The spyware definitions should also be updated with SpyBot and Ad-aware. Run SpyBot and Ad-aware periodically to clear the spyware that has infected your computer. Make sure you are using an up to date version. If you have been online for a while without checking your computer for spyware I'm sure you will be surprised at the amount of spyware these utilities find. To download Spywareblaster, SpyBot and Ad-Aware you can go to Major Geeks, click Anti-Spyware and scroll down to find them.

If you are using a Windows 2000 or XP operating system Microsoft Windows Defender (free) and Ewido (14 day free trial) are good to get rid of spyware too. You can also find them at Major Geeks. Windows Defender and Ewido will not run on Win98/ME.

Trojans and worms can get into your e-mail account and send spam e-mail using your e-mail address. MooSoft Development claims they make the worlds best malware removal product. You can clear trojans, worms, keyloggers, browser hijackers, password stealers, spyware and adware from your computer with The Cleaner from Moosoft Development. You may want to read the instructions from Help, Using the Cleaner. You will hear a siren from the TCMonitor if you download something malicious. If you have a trojan you need to get rid of right now you can get a free trial of The Cleaner. This link will start the download. But I'd appreciate it if you come back to the above site if you decide to buy it in the future so I can make my small commission. Thanks.

Hackers can get into your computer to search for usernames and passwords for your payment processors like Paypal, E-Gold or other important information. You can stop all hackers with a free firewall called Zone Alarm. To get your free version of Zone Alarm go to Zone Labs. Under Download & Buy click Free Downloads for the ZoneAlarm Basic Firewall. If you are using Microsoft XP make sure the firewall that comes with XP is disabled before using Zone Alarm. Running two firewalls at the same time will conflict with each other.

SpywareBlaster, SpyBot, Ad-aware, Moosoft Cleaner and Zone Alarm will all install to your Start Programs menu. And Zone Alarm will also run from your systems tray by your computer clock. Moosoft Cleaner's TCMonitor will also run from your systems tray unless you shut it down to avoid the siren. Some of these utilities will also add a shortcut to them on your desktop.

To get help with Spywareblaster you can go to the Javacool Software Knowledge Base or the Wilders Security Forums. And you can go to Zone Labs Community Forum if you have questions about Zone Alarm.

Now if you want to check your computer to see if it's secure you can go to Gibson Research Corporation. It's also free. If you scroll down to Hot Spots, click Shields Up and then click Proceed you'll find some services you can use to test your computer. If you are using an up to date anti-virus, SpywareBlaster, SpyBot, Ad-aware, Moosoft Cleaner and Zone Alarm you will get answers like "that's very cool!", "This is very uncommon for a Windows networking-based PC", "Very secure", "perfect "TruStealth" rating" and "Very nice."

If you want to test your firewall for leaks you can scroll to the next one below Shields Up to download LeakTest. Once you download it and click Test For Leaks your firewall should give you a choice of whether you want to allow or deny it. Click deny. If your firewall doesn't give you this choice then you have a leak in your firewall. By the way, Gibson Research Corporation says the best firewall on the market is a free version of Zone Alarm.

If your start page has been hijacked or you have other problems that the utilities above will not fix you should get a free version of HijackThis. You can also find it at Major Geeks. It is recommended that you go to a security forum before removing any files from your computer using HijackThis. Post your HijackThis log in the security forum then a professional will come along to tell you if you need to remove any files. Here's two very good security forums you can choose from, Broadband Reports or Gladiator Security Forum. On the Broadband Reports front page it shows the best way to download HijackThis.

If you are using online payment processors like Paypal or AlertPay you should not click a link in an e-mail that looks like it comes from the payment processor. It could be coming from a phishing hacker or keylogger. You should read the suggestions that the payment processors recommend. Also I highly recommend that you use a Mozilla Firefox browser as opposed to an Internet Explorer browser, Firefox is more secure in my opinion.

When you get an AlertPay account you are asked to make a password and also a transaction password. The transaction password is used for withdrawals and to send funds. So where the security comes in is in the event a hacker gets your password they still can not send your funds to their AlertPay account because they would not know your transaction password. Nice security feature. You can get an AlertPay account by clicking the image below.

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