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World Clock - Time Zone Converter

Google Maps - world maps.

World Weather - information service.

National Weather Service - for the U.S.

Weather Office - Environment Canada

Rhyme Zone - words that rhyme, definitions of words, related words and synonyms.

DownLoad.com - download SpywareBlaster, SpyBot, Ad-aware and more free anti-spyware and security utilities.

Zone Labs - free Zone Alarm firewall to stop hackers from getting into your computer.

Inbox.com - free 5 Gig e-mail account with photo storage that you can share with your friends.

Content Checker - check to make sure you don't have words that will trigger the spam filters in your e-mail before sending.

ReFormat-It - e-mail formatting utility. Wrap your lines in the e-mail you send to 50, 60 or 70 characters per line.

LGT - free marketing tools.

The Douay-Rheims Bible

The King James Bible

Text Aloud 2.0 - have this handy tool read the Bible to you. Watch the Demo. Download a free trial.

Check back periodically for more free online computer tools.

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