My experience with Empowerism.

I joined Empowerism on July 24, 2004. In The fall of 2004 I bought 3 positions in RSVP, actually we are not suppose to call them positions, they are leads purchases but they are positions in a straight line cycling matrix. On July 11, 2005 I purchased an MVP because there was a sale if you bought one you would also get an RSVP that was due to cycle soon. The RSVP did cycle about six months later for a pay out of $200 the same price that I paid for the MVP.

MVP is an advertising package where Empowerism will send your ad to their opt-in list. I tracked the ad when I had them send my first ad and I got 7 people out of 10,000 looking at my web site. MVP is also a straight line cycling matrix. I could expect to cycle in about 10 years

When I logged into my account in Jan. 2008 I found a gift RSVP position there. About 980 positions needed to cycle before I got paid $400 from this 'gift' RSVP position. In Janet's November 15, 2007 update she said there were 502 RSVP orders that cycled in 2007 up to that point. If there were 502 positions that cycled in 2007 then I would have to pay about two years in subscription costs at $19.95 per month plus purchase leads equivalent to one percent (1%) of my total RSVPs and MVPs per month ($3.00) before I got paid for that 'gift' RSVP. I have known since 2004 that the leads are worthless so I have not used the leads for a couple of years. So I would have to pay $22.95 per month just to keep my positions that may eventually pay me $400 in approximately two years. In two years I would have paid Empowerism another $550.80.

I joined Empowerism on July 24, 2004. At the end of January 2008 I was $946 in the red to Empowerism. All I needed to do to eliminate most of my cost to Empowerism all along was to refer just 3 new members. But I had advertised Empowerism on my web site every single day since I have joined. I got 1 referral a couple of years back who deleted his account a couple of months later. I got a friend to join as a free member just to see if the referral tracking was working properly, I was at his place when he joined. But my friend did not even get a reply from Empowerism and he didn't show up as a referral in my back office.

So I took a closer look to see what is in the Empowerism back office for training again. There are some 'SEO Tools' in the Empowerism back office. The html validator told me both of my sites were invalid urls. So I used my Empowerism affiliate link and it showed 205 errors, with 8 warnings found. The domain age checker told me that one of my sites is 63 Year(s) 6 Month(s) 10 Day(s) 4 Hour(s) 1 Second(s) Old, but that was my oldest site. lol Keyword Discovery has a much better free keyword density reporter.

Some of the articles in the Excellence magazine are good. And there are some very good training tutorials in the Empowerism Training, especially if you are new to the internet. You can go from a newby to an experience marketer with the Empowerism Training.

But it is not worth $946. I felt like I was locked in there until my RSVPs or MVPs cycled. I don't believe the RSVPs or MVPs are worth it. They take too long to cycle and what you get isn't worth it. So I finally dummied up and downgraded my account to a free member.

You would just want to join Empowerism if you need the training material. The only way to join Empowerism is from a forum so there can be communication between the sponsor and the referral. That way you can verify that you get credit when someone joins from your affiliate page.

My Empowerism account became free on April 1, 2008. I did not upgrade my account or sponsor another member within 90 days so my account was canceled.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I got into the free ad forum to see all the informative topics. And I got help with my free web site too. Here's to the success of our team. Thanks Mike.
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Hi Mike. Nice forum. I joined. You have some really good information in there. I like your post on how to post signature links in forums. I tried it out. Looks good! Thanks!
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